Sino Outbound Experts

Gal Dymant is Chairman and CEO of Poalim Asia Direct, the Asia arm of Israel’s leading investment bank and a subsidiary of Israel’s largest bank, Bank Hapoalim.

Mr. Dymant, co-founder of Sino Outbound, has over 12 years experience in China in venture capital and private equity. Career highlights include senior-level management at Merrill Lynch and Managing Director of Far East Investment Ltd., a VC fund specializing in later-stage investments. He is the Co-founder of Zero2IPO, a leading service provider for the Chinese VC and PE industry.

He serves as Chairman of Sino Outbound Limited, a financial advisory services firm serving International clientele to invest in real estate assets in the U.S. He earned his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Gal is invested in real estate in over 6 countries and has participated in cross-border real estate transactions in excess of $100M.

Mr. Dymant has a combined 20 years of experience investing in U.S. real estate.